Welcome to Stoke Park Infant Association (SPIA) Website.

Stoke Park Infant Association (SPIA) is a fun and active PTA made up of parent and caregiver volunteers that raise invaluable funds to support the children and teachers of our school . 

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  • To extend relationships between staff and parents

  • Engage in activities that support the school and advance the education of pupils attending it

  • To provide and assist in the provision of facilities or items for education requested by the school through fundraising

  • To have fun, and organise events with a focus on building relationships within the community.

All parents are very welcome to join our committee which meets once every half term to plan community fundraising events.  We usually meet at a local pub, and have a bit of a laugh along the way.


You may not feel have the time to join the organising committee but if would be happy to pitch in and help at some of the events as part of rota please also email us. Either way, if you are interested in joining SPIA please email Stokeparkinfantassociation@gmail.com

We are a registered charity and always welcome support from local businesses who are willing to donate prizes etc,
Do get in touch if you think you may be able to help.


SPIA Events

We do a variety of community event throughout the year. we try and keep in fresh, these are the faithfuls tha everybody knows and loves.

  • Children’s Christmas Cards

  • Bags2School collection

  • Coin WeightFundraiser

  • Christmas Events

  • Cake Sales

  • 2nd hand uniforms sales

  • Sponsored Fun Run

  • Summer Fair

  • Easter Egg Hunts/Halloween Trails

    Find out what your generous donations are spent on.

        You can follow news and events on our facebook page : StokeParkInfant Association

Fancy joining us?


​We are a little team of working parents and careproviders, who will take any opportunity to have a few hours at the pub, kid free. 

Let us know if you are interested in coming to a meeting, with no obligation to commit.

We try and make it fun, and if we can't get to pub there is always biscuits!

Want to help, but can't commit to joining the PTA


We would love for you to donate you time and join the team and help us organise the events, but if you can't there are still plenty of ways you can help raise money for the school over and above attending the events

Whether it be downloading the Amazon Smile or Easy Fundraising apps  and giving whilst you shop ( for no extra cost to yourself) or donating your child's old school uniform for the the 2nd hand uniform sale.

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Download our flyer below and find out all the ways how to get involved over and above attending events.